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Prevents distracted driving

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SafeRide is the first app available for iOS users which recognizes the Bluetooth device in your car and automatically locks your iPhone while you drive. The app blocks rings and alerts enabling drivers to keep their eyes, hands and heads focused on the road. Your iPhone unlocks a few seconds after you have come to a stop. Our users report that SafeRide has re-trained them to ignore the temptation of connecting via their phones while driving. The app also allows drivers to make an emergency call and use hands-free systems. 


SellerSafeRide Mobile, LLC

CategoryDriving Safety

UpdatedOctober 2017


Size37.3 MB

CompatibilityRequires iOS 10.1 or later



by Marie D.

I tried SafeRide and it worked like a charm...  I tried to text and the screen went black. Very Cool. Every parent should put this on their child's phone if they drive.

by Eduardo B.

Life-saving app. Great tool to avoid texting while driving, amajor cause of deadly accidents.

by Daniel H.

I love SafeRide. I have only been using it for about two weeks and I have already stopped reaching for my phone when I drive.

by Stacey O.

Very cool so far. I like how the screen is black... I like it! Even if it just helps me break a bad habit.

by Nick J.

Great idea for an app. Easy to use...Genius idea...wish I would have thougt of it.